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Enjoy greener, fuller lawns and healthier plants with irrigation designed and installed by Nature’s Edge. 

 We use top of the line components and installation methods to give your yard and landscaping the best results!    Our designs give you head-to-head coverage with balanced water precipitation for micro-climates in your yard and garden.    Green grass everywhere – not moss in the shade and brown grass in areas that get sun all day.   We strategically place your components in areas where they are accessible for service yet out of sight.  We install Hunter Hydrawise Controllers so that you can operate your irrigation from your phone or laptop.  Hydrawise technology saves water by using Predictive Watering, providing weather-based information so that your lawn gets ample water during hot stretches and less water during periods of rainy weather.

Need assistance with your system?  Our team of experts conducts spring start-ups, monthly checks and end of season blow outs. We provide prompt and efficient service to your system, whether it’s a broken line, head that isn’t spraying properly, or a lake pump not working...We are your Premiere Irrigation EXPERTS!


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