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Nature’s Edge Garden Center was founded in 2007. As we continue to grow our business, we thank our customers, neighbors and friends who have supported us over the last few years. Our mission is simple: Provide a quality product, fun place to shop and treat people right. It’s that mission that has allowed us to start a small landscape business that has expanded to where we are today. We continue to grow each year, keeping our overhead costs down so we can provide our customers with the best products at the best prices.

Tyler runs the day to day operations at the garden center. Before opening Nature’s Edge, Tyler worked at a greenhouse in his hometown and one here in Bemidji.

If you need gardening advice, stop in, call or email Tyler!

Chad runs the landscaping division at Nature’s Edge. When he’s not delivering supplies, building ponds, installing paver walkways and patios or planting shrubs and trees, Chad can be found at the garden center getting in Tyler’s way! Chad gets stuck with the not so fun tasks of fixing the machinery and whatever else seems to break…

Oh well, at least he is good at getting food for the crew!


Quick Tips

Coffee-groundsUse leftover tea and coffee grounds to acidify the soil of acid-loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, gardenias and even blueberries. A light sprinkling of about one-quarter of an inch applied once a month will keep the pH of the soil on the acidic side.

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